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Is it true that "boarding a plane" risks having your silicone breasts cracked?

Is it true that “boarding a plane” risks having your silicone breasts cracked?

Another concern for breast augmentation surgeons who have to travel by plane is the worry that the silicone implants may rupture from the pressure in the airplane. In fact, Dr. Thananchai Assadamongkol, a plastic surgery specialist and director of the cosmetic surgery center Bangmod ทางเข้า ufabet

5 warning signs: "Silicone nose" is about to break through.

5 warning signs: “Silicone nose” is about to break through.

Silicone nose piercing This is probably the main concern. of people who have had nose surgery, which has a chance of happening to anyone However, there is often Warning signs first: All girls and guys who have nose jobs should know this. We’ll fix it before it’s too late. 5


Why does “liver cancer” kill the most Thai people?

” Liver cancer “  This word is spoken softly and makes me afraid because everyone knows that. Although technology is very advanced But having cancer carries a higher risk of death than any other disease. Plus, it’s hard to find the exact cause. We only know about the risk factors that may