admirable! Cristiano Ronaldo sends gifts to earthquake victims

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Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t just a superstar in football. He is also a respected person off the field. when joining forces to send goods via plane to help those who have suffered from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Daily Mail , famous media in the country of the elite News reports that Cristiano Ronaldo, a veteran star of Al Nasser, a UFABET club in the Saudi Arabian league. Send planes carrying supplies to help victims of severe earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. After feeling very saddened by the disaster that has killed more than 50,000 people and there are still missing people. injured and many more homeless

admirable! Cristiano Ronaldo sends gifts to earthquake victims

The world is now helping both countries affected by natural disasters since the beginning of February. Not even a famous star in the Portuguese football world who sends tents, food, pillows, blankets, beds, baby food, milk and various medical supplies. via plane to give to victims and hopefully be a starting point for other athletes to follow

The report states that This is not the first time the 38-year-old striker has made such a large donation. He used to help £69,000, or about 3 million baht, for brain surgery on children. and donated 137,000 pounds or about 5.7 million baht to the cancer center in his hometown It also donated 1 million pounds or about 42 million baht to the hospital in their hometown during the COVID-19 outbreak.

For CR 7,  he joined the army with Al-Nasser for free in early January for 2 and a half years or until the end of June 2025, ready to receive a huge wage. After canceling the contract with Manchester United  at the end of 2022, having played 7 games, divided into 1 Super Cup match and 6 league games, scoring a total of 8 goals

Previously, former Bournemouth and Newcastle United winger Christian Atsu , who moved to Turkey’s Hatayspor, went missing after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck. The search lasted for about two weeks amid rumors that found, but no confirmation Until finally, there was no miracle found the body of The Ghana international striker, under the rubble of his home.