McManaman disagrees with Merson for the reds tonight.

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Former Liverpool midfielder Steve McManaman Disapproval of former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson about the results of the red battle tonight

The red battle between Liverpool meets Manchester United tonight (Sunday, March 5, 2023) at Anfield. There were many predictions from pundits. With the Reds sitting sixth in the table, six points off the top four and with one game in hand, Jürgen Klopp and his men are hoping for a better result. Previous meeting with the Red Devil Army His side were beaten 2-1 at Old Trafford in August. with Mohamed Salah scoring a consolation goal for the UFABET team

McManaman disagrees with Merson for the reds tonight.

          Former Liverpool star Steve McManaman explains why he thinks his former club will not lose today, with McManaman joining Paul Merson, Chris Sutton and Glek. N Johnson took part in predicting the outcome of this match. “I think Liverpool will win. And I say that because they play at home. I just don’t think they lose at home,” McManaman told Betfred. I believe the fans will be the ones who will take them home.”

           “When they played Chelsea a few weeks ago before Chelsea went through a really weird period. When Liverpool sent the team away People often claim that they are not strong enough. But they haven’t lost anyone at home ′′ I never believed they would lose at Anfield in the Premier League (the reason is) because of the supporters and the greatness of the game ′′ ′′ I’m not against Manchester. United or Pro Liverpool But when I see a derby or a big game like this, I always prefer the home team when the teams are evenly matched. Because I know what the atmosphere is like. And I know how it will be during the game.

  Paul Merson has predicted the result between this pair that “This is a fast changing football,” Merson told Sportskeeda. “You would be surprised if Manchester United lose here. How many times have we been able to say that about this game in the last few years ? They are great in counterattacks. And their players seem to make the right decisions when they attack. “Manchester United want Liverpool to attack them so they can counter-attack. Jürgen Klopp’s side could play against Manchester United on Sunday.”

          “ Marcus Rashford will make Trent. Alexander-Arnold It’s under pressure just like Vinicius Junior did in the Champions League a few weeks ago . Their confidence will be high. And they will continue to challenge for the title now ′′ Victory will be very important for Liverpool because it will bring them closer to the top four. Two or three victories in a row would be huge for them. Erik ten Hag seems to know how to deal with his players. Tactically, he was very good in Carabao. cup final His substitution was spot on. And he made the right decision. He ended the game at the right time with a very good defensive substitution. “It just shows you that the club needs a good manager to maximize their potential.”

          “For Liverpool, Salah has not been doing very well this season after signing a new contract. The two Golden Boot winners from last season have been struggling this season, so many teams are always trying to get Salah to have a quiet game and that puts him at a disadvantage. I’m not going to sell him at the end of the season. Because if Liverpool are not confident that they will be upgraded There’s no use [to sell], but I believe there are a lot of players in Liverpool’s midfield that need to leave. And Liverpool will have to catch up. They will have to make some changes and improve the team structure because it currently doesn’t work like it used to.”