Rivals fans stunned after learning of Mac Allister deal with Liverpool

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This left fans of Liverpool’s rivals Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur in awe. After learning about the deal of the Reds with Alexis Mac Allister

  Liverpool have reached an agreement to sign Alexis MacAllister, who arrives at Anfield following a resounding success at Brighton . The price the Reds paid for the 24-year-old was not disclosed. But it is believed to be between £35m and £45m, given the age of the players and their experience in the Premier League . because it came at a very cheap price compared to the quality of the players

Rivals fans stunned after learning of Mac Allister deal with Liverpool

           Liverpool have been the gods of the transfer market in recent years with sporting director Michael Edwards. take charge of this section And the Reds hope this continues following the recent appointment of Jork Schmudke . correct And that business was caught in the eyes of supporters of rival clubs who knew the highlight of the Mac Allister deal, fans of clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester United . Manchester United have used this move as an example for their teams to follow https://ufabet999.com.

          Opinions are like “I can’t believe I said this. But I respect Liverpool a lot. Giving him the number 10 is like giving him a lot of energy”, “Mac Allister 35 million? It’s very cheap! If it’s Manchester United, it’s probably not less than 80 million. How does Manchester United overpay for everything and everyone?! They need to solve their problems quickly. Learn from other teams”, “I was a pre-Manchester United fan. and humble And it will only get better and better. Excited for him and for Liverpool , Brighton would be asking us £150m for Mac Allister, how did Liverpool get him for £30m?, “Mac Allister, the price is as cheap as it gets”, “That’s how you do business. @SpursOfficial Liverpool picked Mac Allister as their preferred player. and he has signed a contract He will have a full pre-season with them. We have to get Maddison now!”

   Adam Lallana sent a message to Mac Allister following the Argentine’s move to Liverpool on Thursday, June 8, 2023. It was an honor to play alongside the World Cup winners. while wishing him good luck on his move to Merseyside. Lallana wrote on social media: “Great attitude, huge benefit to the club. and a wonderful person I’m sorry you moved. But it’s an honor to play alongside you.” “As always, #BHAFC has plans for what’s next. Good luck on your next #YNWA adventure .” Mac Allister responded to Lallana’s post saying,“You are a great player and a great person. Thank you for what you do for me. You are a big part of my success. I wish you all the best for the future ahead!”

           Before Mac Allister’s move to Liverpool was confirmed, Lallana hailed him: “Alexis is such a special player and special person. It took him a little time to adjust. language learning His English is unbelievable now. He learned a new skill by using it. He is a very clear player. in his way of playing the way he passed the ball There is no selfishness in the way he plays ′ ′ It was special to watch him during the World Cup. Initially he didn’t play. then it was used; prove yourself And played so well that there was no way this guy wasn’t playing and at the end he saw [Lionel] Messi looking for him, like Messi was looking for him to link play.”

           “Alexis’s role almost mirrors where Messi is. If Messi goes down he will stand tall If Messi stands tall, he goes low, that shows how much he understands. His football intelligence, OK, he’s not the fastest or the strongest, but here (pointing to his head) he’s like (Luka) Modric, he’s not the fastest or the strongest. But he’s very smart. He knows football is faster than anyone [or] anything at all.”