Simeone breaks incredible record in Atletico Madrid game Attack Sevilla

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Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone has broken the record of legendary coach Luis Aragones. In the game that the Bear Army opened at home to thrash Sevilla 6-1 in the Spanish La Liga battle last night

   Since his arrival in December 2011, Diego Simeone has changed the history of Atletico Madrid winning trophies. 2 times UEFA Europa League, 2 times UEFA Super Cup, 2 times Spanish League (La Liga), 1 Spanish Cup (Copá de Ray) and the Spanish Super Cup 1 time in more than a decade, Diego Simeone makes Atletico Madrid are the real contenders in Europe having reached the Champions League final twice.

Simeone breaks incredible record in Atletico Madrid game Attack Sevilla

          With Real Madrid and Barcelona in power, the Argentinian coach made the term ‘Colchoneros’ known. And now, even though his UFABET team is in a bad situation. But Simeone broke an extraordinary record with Atletico Madrid, breaking Luis Aragones’ record against Sevilla in La Liga last night. Simeone became the coach with the most appearances in Atletico Madrid history (613 games), the previous record held by the legendary Aragones. Passing away in 2014, Aragones also marked a golden era for the Spanish national team which ended up winning the World Cup and Euros twice under his stewardship in 2008.

Simeone, along with his children, received a commemorative shirt to mark the new milestone from Aragones’ son before the start of the race. On the back of the shirt reads “Legend Simeone” , electronic displays show the stats around the pitch as Atletico fans chant the coach’s name to thank him for his service. He is also the coach who has won the most titles in Atletico Madrid history, eight titles. He wrote about it on social media and dedicated the record to Luis Aragones.

          “Louis, dear and everlasting, I know that Atleti is your life. And you know Atleti is mine too. That’s why I didn’t want this moment to go unnoticed. Because I know today you’re the only one who understands me. You know, I don’t like this type of expression and sharing this kind of emotion in public. But today I want to do it. I did it with tears flowing and with great emotion. but above all I do it with respect.

  Simeone , who played twice for the club as a midfield player, took over as coach in 2011. He is known for his hunger for wins that sometimes appear aggressive. Cholo helped Atletico Madrid win La Liga in 2014 and 2021 and the Copa del Rey in 2013. He built Atlético Madrid. To be a team that can compete with giants like Real Madrid and Barcelona. Until being able to win the championship with dignity Before Simeone. The last time they won La Liga and the Copa del Rey was in 1996 when they won a domestic double under Radomir Antic.

         Simeone also guided Atletico to the Champions League final in 2014 and 2016. But his side suffered defeats against city rivals Real Madrid. Won the Europa League in 2012 and 2018. As well as the European Super Cup twice this season, Atletico Madrid are underperforming. Didn’t win the league and was eliminated from the Champions League group stage with speculation. That Simeone’s era could come to an end in the summer.

         And for the results of this match, it appears that Atletico Madrid  showed fierce form, opening their home to beat Sevilla  without dribbling 6-1, with a goal from Memphis Depay in the 23rd and 26th minute, Antoine. Griezmann in the 53rd minute, Yannick Carrasco in the 69th minute and Alvaro Morata in the 76th minute with 90+2, while the remaining 10 Sevilla were sent off by Papa Gay. In the 80th minute, the egg was beaten by Youssef N-Nasiri in the 39th minute.