What did Ronaldo say after being teased by a kid? Messi is better

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Reveal the attitude of Cristiano Ronaldo after being mocked by a little boy in front of him. ‘Messi is better’ during last night’s Saudi Professional League win over Al-Nasr

   Cristiano Ronaldo has ignored a child’s taunts about his ongoing battle with Lionel Messi. But referred to the difficult game in the top league Saudi Arabia instead. However, the 5 Ballon d’Or superstars could not score in the game when Al-Nasser came back to beat Al-Batin 3-1. Where Star’s team The Portuguese secured victory in stoppage time.

What did Ronaldo say after being teased by a kid? Messi is better

         It was a particularly difficult first half for the Riyadh club. As they fell behind at halftime thanks to a Renzo Lopez goal. It was such a performance that a young fan couldn’t help but taunt the 37-year-old by telling the French star. portuguese in english “Messi is better” as Ronaldo walks in the tunnel. However, the former Real Madrid and Manchester United star seems to have ignored the comment. Instead, they expressed disappointment about their UFABET team’s situation, especially when they were the dominant team.

    Ronaldo shouted in Portuguese: “Easy game, so easy” . They were able to change the result in the second half. Abdulrahman Ghoreb, Mohamed Al-Fatil and Mohamed Maran scored in stoppage time to secure a 3-1 victory. Although the final scoreline was not. has reflected the hardships of the team But there has been an ongoing debate about who is the better of two of today’s top footballers currently in football.

         In addition, Ronaldo’s clip Who comforted a 10-year-old boy whose father died in last month’s earthquakes in Syria and Turkey went viral after Al-Nasser’s game Last night. More than 45,000 people died in the February 6 earthquake, including former Chelsea and Newcastle footballer Christian Atsu There were also countless injuries. Including many people without water, electricity from the earthquake.

   Syrian boy  Nabil Saeed was invited to Saudi Arabia after the youngster revealed he wanted to see Ronaldo play with the Saudi rescue team that traveled to Syria to help after the tragedy. According to the clip shared by Turkey Al Sheikh, chairman of the General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia. who asked for help in identifying the boy on social media. Nabil was asked who he would like to travel with in Saudi Arabia. The mouse replied “My father and mother” was very shocking because, as you know, the father of this young man died in an earthquake.

         Eventually, young Nabil was found to attend the match between Al Nasser and Al-Batin at the King Saud University Stadium with his mother. where he meets his idol “I can’t believe I’m in Saudi Arabia,” before the five-time Ballon d’Or winner approached him. Nabil was obviously delighted. He expressed his love for the 38-year-old before the former Manchester United striker hugged the youngster tightly. After which he still spent time talking to Nabil. The youngster also made a trademark ‘Siu’ joy gesture for the owner of the pose to see.