5 warning signs: “Silicone nose” is about to break through.

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Silicone nose piercing This is probably the main concern. of people who have had nose surgery, which has a chance of happening to anyone However, there is often Warning signs first: All girls and guys who have nose jobs should know this. We’ll fix it before it’s too late.

5 warning signs: "Silicone nose" is about to break through.

5 warning signs: “Silicone nose” is about to break through.

  1. The nose is dark red or pale.

Symptoms before breaking through Some people will see a pale color. It is caused by a lack of blood supply at the tip of the nose. Some will be red. Some people may see capillaries appear. This is mainly caused by tight skin causing red capillaries to appear. 

  1. I have acne on my nose.

Acne on the nose If you leave it on for a long time, it won’t go away. It may cause inflammation, causing the skin around the nose to become thin, causing the silicone to penetrate. 

  1. The tip of the nose reflects light.

If we look at it, we feel that the โปรโมชั่น ufabet tip of our nose is thin. Shinier than usual When you look at it, it’s white and clear. This is caused by the widening of the tip of the nose, making the silicone skin visible.

  1. I rubbed the tip of my nose and felt a tingling sensation.

Most often this is caused by the silicone being pushed out too close to the skin. When you keep pushing It is also the cause of the nose skin becoming thinner. When you rub it, you can feel a tingling sensation. 

  1. silicone perforation

This one is probably the most obvious. The silicone tip is too long or has inflammation pushing at the tip. causing the tip of the nose to be unable to accept the pressure break through 

When these symptoms occur or the silicone has penetrated Hurry to consult or see a doctor for correction and further treatment. Do not pull or touch that area at all.