7 techniques to reduce the problem of bags under the eyes, swelling, not getting enough sleep, no matter how much you watch series, it can handle it.

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Puffy bags under the eyes are one of the problems that make many women feel insecure. Can occur through genetics. increasing age Not enough rest and allergy symptoms occur or even those who must take medicine to treat certain chronic diseases It can cause the water inside the body to become high and cause fluid retention in the bags under the eyes as well. Therefore, I believe that you ladies will feel displeased. When I saw the bags under my eyes they were clearly swollen. Let’s take a look at fixing it yourself with the following 7 simple techniques.

7 techniques to reduce the problem of bags under the eyes, swelling, not getting enough sleep, no matter how much you watch series, it can handle it.

1. Use a cold compress.

The cold helps the muscles contract. Therefore, you should choose to use a gentle cold compress on the bags under the eyes. will make this part of fat Get back to the right place. The swelling will subside quickly. which can be used to reduce dark circles as well

2. Use Eye Cream

Choose an eye cream that contains natural extracts, a gentle formula that will help reduce swelling under the eyes. and use as a refrigerated eye mask Place it under the eyes. will make you feel refreshed which these products There will be a moisturizer included. Therefore, it helps add moisture to the area around the eyes. Helps both reduce swelling and bring back brightness as well.

3. Use a tea bag to compress.

Tea bags have benefits that go beyond drinking warm in the morning or afternoon. that will make you healthy Because after you’re done drinking, you can still put the tea bags in the refrigerator. Then compress it under the eyes. It only takes about 5 minutes to reduce swelling, dark circles and look more firm.

4. Don’t stare at the screen for a long time continuously.

Staring at a computer screen, TV, or smartphone or tablet for a long time It is another important factor that can cause your eyes to swell very easily. Because of his barely blinking stare or blink very little It causes the eyes to become dry and the skin under the eyes deteriorates very quickly. Therefore, you should adjust your habit by alternating between staring at the screen and looking elsewhere throughout the day. You should definitely not look at the screen for long and continuous hours.  

5. Don’t sleep late.

Of course, there is a problem with swelling under the eyes. This is usually caused by not getting enough rest, staying up late, or not sleeping at all. Therefore, the important thing is to rest. in order for the body to come back and recover And makes every part of the skin look fuller. along with making the drainage system within the body better than before Therefore, there is no water accumulation and does not cause swelling under the eyes.

6. Choose quality food.

Food is another important part. That makes bags under the eyes reduce puffiness as well. You should avoid foods that can cause the body to swell, such as salty food, spicy food, seafood, or food that is boiled in soup with animal bones. Along with choosing to eat food from all 5 food groups, it’s freshly prepared food. Complete with vegetables and fruits It reduces edema and makes the skin flexible.

7. Massage under the eyes

You can use eye cream. or use as a cold compress Then use your fingers to gently massage the skin under the eyes. To stimulate the blood circulation system And it stimulates the fluid around the bags under the eyes to spread out. This will help reduce swelling. The ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app skin comes back looking bright. and may help make it more concise.

The problem of swollen bags under the eyes is caused by many factors. Therefore, women should look carefully to see what the cause of this swelling is. Because if it is caused by disease, you should consult a doctor. But if it is caused by genetics and there is swelling that cannot be corrected It is recommended to contact a surgeon to use the under-eye bag surgery technique. Because otherwise it may adversely affect your daily life.