Frequently sleepy with 6 dangerous diseases that you may be facing without realizing it.

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Many people, especially office workers In the afternoon, my eyes begin to droop, I wake up sleepy, or sometimes I have to get up and make coffee to relieve sleepiness. If it’s been a while since I’ve been sleepy, it’s understandable. But if you feel sleepy every day, you need to check your health , because you might be suffering from some disease or not. What diseases will there be? According to Health , let’s find the answers.

Frequently sleepy with 6 dangerous diseases that you may be facing without realizing it.

6 dangerous diseases that you may be facing without knowing If you frequently feel drowsy

It’s because I can’t sleep, so I’m sleepy. Try observing yourself to see if you can’t sleep. Or are you sleeping very late? Is it because you work hard, have a lot of work, or are stressed to the point of not being able to sleep? To make the next day sleepy Because I never get enough sleep. If that’s the case, you should relieve stress. Reduce work at night Or you can consult a doctor.

Fatigue/chronic fatigue syndrome
It is a more advanced stage of insomnia. Which means not being able to sleep continuously for a long period of time. When the body accumulates more and more fatigue. It may also be caused by the consumption of starchy foods. and too much sugar Until it results in symptoms of fatigue, fatigue, drowsiness, poor memory, headaches, and muscle aches. and can’t sleep well No matter how much sleep you sleep, it’s not enough. and working age groups are at highest risk.

As already mentioned, the consumption of flour And high sugar can cause drowsiness. In addition to chronic fatigue syndrome, it may also be diabetes because the ทางเข้า ufabet blood has a high sugar content. And drowsiness is one of the first signs that show or warn the body that it is in a state of high blood sugar. It can lead to diabetes in the near future.

This is serious drowsiness. is very sleepy during the day But at night, my eyes are blurry, I can’t sleep or I can’t sleep well. Or as soon as you sleep, you immediately dream. This makes the quality of life progressively worse. If you are a child, you may be considered a lazy child. Slow brain development, not being able to study well, or if you are an adult, your work efficiency may be reduced. or even dangerous to life, such as being drowsy while driving or use various machinery It also affects your mental health, where you may become irritable and easily irritated. from not getting enough rest as well

Women are more likely to have anemia easily. Because the cause may be from not getting enough useful nutrients. (Because women are more selective about what they eat) They also lose blood from menstruation. The other cause still comes from not getting enough rest. Therefore, you feel tired, often dizzy, easily tired, and sluggish, lethargic, and not bright, which makes you often feel sleepy.

a stomach ulcer or other organs in the body
Frequent loss of large amounts of blood, such as bleeding from a stomach ulcer. Or you may lose blood from frequent hemorrhoids. It may be the cause of fatigue. or are in chronic anemia Therefore, they show symptoms of being easily tired, dizzy, faint easily, weak, and drowsy as well.

Each disease isn’t a joke, right? A good way is to try to adjust your body clock to normal, go to bed early, wake up early, or if you can’t sleep, try to avoid ” 7 dangerous things that you shouldn’t do before going to bed or get to know the ” hormone melatonin  to make it easier to fall asleep.