Is it true that “boarding a plane” risks having your silicone breasts cracked?

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Another concern for breast augmentation surgeons who have to travel by plane is the worry that the silicone implants may rupture from the pressure in the airplane. In fact, Dr. Thananchai Assadamongkol, a plastic surgery specialist and director of the cosmetic surgery center Bangmod ทางเข้า ufabet Hospital explains that “Silicone bags for breast augmentation meet medical standards. It can withstand very high pressure if compared to the pressure in an airplane. This is 10-15 times less than the pressure that can cause a standard silicone breast implant to rupture. Therefore, it is very unlikely or almost impossible for a silicone implant to rupture or leak from an airplane. ”

Is it true that "boarding a plane" risks having your silicone breasts cracked?

Factors affecting the pressure resistance of a silicone bag include the thickness of the silicone bag. The duration of wearing and the type of silicone are different for each company. Nowadays, companies that produce standardized silicone products have a lifetime quality guarantee. The chance of cracking or leaking is very low, only 0.5 – 1 percent.

In the case of those who have had breast surgery and have had the following abnormal symptoms: You should see a doctor urgently. Because there may be a rupture (Ruptured Implant) or leakage (Silicone Leakage) of the silicone, including:

  1. The chest is deformed from before.
  2. There is pain and burning in the chest area.
  3. The chest suddenly became smaller. 
  4. hard chest

However, some people may not have any symptoms (Silence Rupture). However, if it is found that the silicone has leaked or broken. The doctor will perform surgical treatment. Remove the old silicone (Remove Silicone), wash the tissue thoroughly and remove the membrane. (Capsulectomy) to insert new silicone which is not seriously dangerous at all

In addition, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which is responsible for overseeing the quality, welfare and safety related to health and medical devices, Recommended to those who have had breast augmentation surgery with silicone bags. You should see a doctor for a physical examination. And it is recommended to check with an MRI for the first time 3 years. After breast augmentation, then every 2 years.